Sunday, November 4, 2012

Off to a Great Start ... Sort of ... #6WeekChallenge

As part of the Define Fitness team it's important for me walk the talk. So that's how the 6 week challenge came about. Each DF fitness coach picks a fitness goal, plans how they're going to get there, and documents the journey for all followers, friends, and clients to see. My goal: fat loss through consistent workouts and clean eating. I was off to a great start on my first week of the 6 week challenge. My food was on point. I was getting my workouts and cardio done. My muscles were nice and sore telling me I had pushed myself in the gym. I was already feeling and seeing results of the clean eating and consistent workouts. But what I didn't see was that a cold virus I had managed to avoid for weeks was getting ready to pounce again. This time it hit its target ... ME! On the evening of day 4 of my 6 week challenge, after my workout of the day, I started to feel it. I was down for the count. The way I felt I knew I'd be out for a few days. That meant no gym for me. But I didn't abandoned my 6 week challenge. I stuck to my diet and will do so until I get back to the gym. Thank goodness my fridge is full of all the clean eats I need while I'm quarantined. Resting and recharging for week 2 of the 6 week challenge! To read more about the Define Fitness 6 Week Challenge go to and click on BLOG.

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