Thursday, September 23, 2010

Confessions of a Fitness Groupie

I never thought I'd be so excited to meet so many fitness "celebrities". I was fortunate enough to attend the WBFF World Championships in Toronto this past weekend. And I confess: I'm a fitness groupie. I knew there were going to be some famous faces there but I didn't realize how giddy I'd get when I saw them in the "fit" flesh. But there were also people I met who are not so famous but still inspired or impressed me. So the debut entry to my new blog FIT & FIERCE FOREVER is dedicated to some of people I "experienced" and the impact they made on me (in no particular order):

Monica Brant - I was fortunate enough to train alongside this fitness icon back in July. Amazing to see Ms. Brant compete in person ... and win (WBFF PRO Figure Model)! Plus she's a total sweetheart.

Obi Obadike - I interrupted his breakfast just to say hi and congratulate him on his win (WBFF PRO Male Fitness Model)... a win he said he wanted SO bad ... a win that brought him to his knees in prayer. And he's SO much hotter in person.

Kelechi Opara - He was eating breaky with Obi ... very sweet smile ... and of course he's jacked up! When I heard his name on stage I realized we were Facebook friends. Very cool!

Tosca Reno & Bob Kennedy - Spotted them in the theatre before the show started and had to get a picture. Another brief meet and greet but they were very gracious, allowing me to get a picture with them. So cool!

Lyzabeth Lopez ... Gorgeous! I was a little embarrassed because I recognized her but couldn't remember how to pronounce her first name. So I just asked her what her name was. Lol! Did I mention she's gorgeous?

Miryah Jade Scott - Looked stunning on stage and I can tell she is truly proud of herself and all her hard work. Celebrate it girl! Wear that crown proudly! You earned it!

Chivon John - Twitter/Facedbook friend who I got to meet in person! Sweet and petite! Hope to get to know her more! Maybe one day we'll be on stage together

Ian Walling - The head judge of my very first competition back in 2007! Had a great chat about the ups and downs of competing and the importance of being grounded during the entire experience.

Kamber Lindenbach - One of the Alberta girls ... rocked the new haircut! Sexy and cute! Brought her swagga on stage!

Nathan Harewood - My trainer ... Chilled ... Pumping out some of the best competitors on stage. Me next!

Katie Noval - Another super cutie! So focused on her goal! Looked so confident on stage!

Maria Taylor - I didn't actually get to meet her but was thrilled that she won Overall Figure ... 'cuz she's a sista!!!

One thing I learned though ... always have your camera ready, because you never know who might walk by ... "Hey, isn't that ... ?"