Friday, April 12, 2013

OMG! I've Got Break Up Belly!

"Omg! What the f+*# is that?" That's what I thought as I bounced around in my friend's fitness class. "Ugh! It can't be! Yes it is" I exclaimed to myself. "I've got break-up belly!". You know. When you get dumped and between crying and cursing you resort to comforting carbs or whining wine or sobbing sweets. Most people know this as "emotional eating." Whatever you call it, I did it and now I'm seeing the sad results! As I watched my middle jiggle and my belly bulge I was not impressed. Neither were my muscles for that matter. Man. I feel so out of shape.

What am I going to do about it? First, cut out all sugar or sweeteners except for fruit. Second, cutback big time on eating out. Third, bump it up a notch in the gym. Three manageable steps I can handle. Time to get into Superwoman mode! Get out of my way as I get back on the Fit and Fierce train!

By the way, Fit and Fierce Boot Camp is coming back ... better than ever! Want more details? Email me at

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I Love You ... But I Love Me More

This is kind of a Dear John letter ... to all my fitness clients:

Dear Awesome Clients,

I have had so much fun kickin' your butts over the past 8 months or so. But it's time for a big change. It's not you. It's me. I loved pushing you so hard 'til you sweat buckets. I loved the great stories you shared in our sessions. I loved the jokes we made ... usually inappropriate. I loved when you whined and complained ... then I'd work you even harder. I loved when you did something you never thought you could do. I loved when you told me all the excuses you were going to use to skip boot camp ... but you came anyway.

I love you guys, but I love me more. That's why I made the difficult decision to put my fitness business on hold ... at least for 2013 ... so I can love myself more ... by working out consistently, having more downtime, getting better sleep, eating better, spending more time with friends ... get me? I will be a better, healthier ME ... mentally, physically and emotionally. And you never know, Fit & Fierce Boot Camp may come back some day. But for now I'm working on my own fitness ... and my own fierceness!

Signed with mixed emotions,

Cara ...

P.S. Still keeping my certifications current, will give fitness advice if asked, and will keep you up to date on my fitness journey through this blog. Hope you'll stick around!