Thursday, October 11, 2012

Size Matters

As a personal trainer, I’m always happy to know when I’ve made a healthy impact on someone’s life ... even it’s a small impact. Like when I asked a co-worker about the nutritional content of the cereal he was eating and suggested that size matters. Me: “What’s your portion size?” His answer: “A bowlful”. I said he should probably check the serving size on the nutritional label. Well the next morning as he was pouring out his cereal, he said my voice popped into his head: “What’s your portion size?”. He promptly pulled out a measuring cup and dished out a perfect serving size as suggested on the box. Oh yeah ... then there’s my other colleague who likes to update me on her kitchen workouts. That’s right. She works out in her kitchen ... doing burpees with the broccoli ... and push ups with the pots and pans. As a single mom of a vibrant little girl there’s not a lot of time to fit everything in ... unless you make it a priority. And this recipe of fitness only requires 3 ingredients: a yoga mat, some rubber tubing ... and a little effort. Another great thing is that her daughter joins in! Small changes. Step by step. Long-term results!


  1. I'm all for the kitchen workouts! Last weekend I did a full upper body workout while cooking sausage (ewww) for the family. My sausage days are over, but they still make me cook it for them. Grrrr....