Thursday, September 13, 2012

I Cried Watching the MasterChef Finale

Have I ever mentioned that I love food? Part of the reason I fell in love with the show MasterChef. I recently watched the finale. The two top home cooks going head-to-head. Both full of passion and talent. Well when they crowned the winner ... the tears started flowing ... my tears! I cried watching the MasterChef finale! Why? Because what the winner had to overcome was astounding. She's visually impaired. Blind. Couldn't see her ingredients, tools, or dishes. Christine is her name. And she beat out dozens of competitors ... who can all see ... to become MasterChef. She may not have been able to see, but her sense of smell and taste were so strong ... that's all she needed. Well maybe not ALL she needed. She also needed confidence ... which she had to work on throughout the season. And most importantly she needed to trust herself, her abilities, her skills ... the process. Now how many of you can identify with that? I know I can. Lesson learned: Trust. Believe in yourself and focus on your most excellent qualities.