Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Look Good Naked? Why bother?

Unfortunately, it's part of my routine ... examining my body and focusing on my "trouble spots" pretty much every morning. Not really the best way to start the day but once I get dressed I feel great! I think I look fantastic! So why are "we" so obsessed with looking good naked? How many people actually see you naked? And those who do (boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives) should love you for YOU anyway ... right?! I encourage living a healthy lifestyle and I admit I train hard and eat clean to look good ... but I also do it to feel good ... and to avoid heart disease which is in my family. But as I continue on my fitness journey (career and other challenges) I'm working on being less worried about looking "perfect". So my advice: instead of worrying about looking good naked go shopping instead! That's what I did a few weeks ago. Instead of being so hard on myself, I decided to get a great outfit ... or 2 ... that compliments my body shape. I went somewhere that I KNEW I'd be pampered and taken care of by some great stylists ... espy (! It was so awesome! Check out my gold jeans! So comfy and they hug me in all the right places. And then this amazing dress from designer Mark Patrick Foreman ... I felt like a billion bucks when I wore this for the first time! And I forgot all about my "trouble spots". Now I'm not suggesting you slack off on your workouts and use clothes to cover up. I'm just saying be nicer to yourself and instead of focusing on the "trouble spots" ... highlight the hot spots!