Thursday, October 4, 2012

From High Heels to High Knees

My newest client has the BEST shoes ever! Well-known Calgary stylist Kim Flanagan ( can ROCK a pair of high heel shoes like crazy! And she always makes me feel like a million bucks after I shop with her. Plus, she has encouraged me to wear high heels to work almost every day now. (Shoes totally make the outfit!) So it’s only fair that I make her do high knees ... among other fun exercises. Like me, Kim had a great summer! That’s good ... but it’s showing in places we’d rather not expose. In fact, Kim confessed that her boyfriend jeans are fitting like skinny jeans. (Thank goodness she can style the hell out of love handles and long bums!) So she challenged me ... let’s get our 40-something year old bodies back to where they should be! Just the motivation I needed! So I upped my game in the gym and the kitchen. And she has too by making the time to exercise ... which includes training with me once a week. (Emphasis on MAKING THE TIME!) The day after our first workout I sent her a text message: “Good morning champ! How are your muscles feeling today?” Her reply: “Buns are on fire !! But buns feel smaller.” Mission accomplished! Join us on our “Getting Back on Track After Summer” fitness journey! Note: Good nutrition is part of a healthy weight loss plan. Both Kim & I eat clean most of the time leaving room for treats & cheats.

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